Thursday, September 27, 2012

7 day diet

I've always heard this isn't healthy, it's impossible, and dangerous. So yesterday, I decided to attempt the impossible... diet. This seven day diet sounds like it could be dangerous, not to me, but to those close to me. Get ready, friends and family, for super starved, super hormonal me.

So for those of you who have not heard of this crazy seven day diet, here is the breakdown of days.

Day One All fruits except bananas. I can eat until I'm stuffed, but I have to stick to fruit, especially watermelon. This doesn't scare me! I LOVE fruits and vegetables.

Day Two All vegetables. I'm allowed one potato for breakfast. So far, I'm not worried.
Day Three A mixture of fruits and vegetables of my choice. Any amount, any quantity. No bananas yet. No potatoes today. I think by day three, I will start to crave meat.
Day Four Bananas and milk. I can have eight bananas and three glasses of milk? I think I will be stuffed. Is this really a diet?

Day Five Today is feast day. I get to indulge in beef and tomatoes. On day five, I have to increase my water intake by one quart. This is to cleanse the system of the uric acid it will be producing.

Day Six Beef and vegetables. Is that a diet? This can't be dangerous eating.

Day Seven On the last day, I can have brown rice, fruit juices and all the vegetables I care to consume.

Yesterday, was my day one. *whispers* I already cheated. According to the plan, I should only have fruits. I mean, I get the priviledge of having fruits. I started off great with my morning coffee ( which is allowed by the way) and a colossal bowl of watermelon. At noon, I ate three servings of mixed fruit cups, you know, the kiddie bowls we used to get in school lunches. I had two apples for an afternoon snack. Then, I got home. After two hours of homework, I wanted some cake...or cookies...or popcorn. I took a deep breath. I counted to 100. I took another deep breath. This is were I decided to have a enormous bowl of watermelon instead. I don't remember how long afterwards, I decided one little deviation was allowable. I had a small cheese block and five saltine crackers. I mean, compared to cake and cookies, this is nothing,... right? Well, getting on the scales this morning I lost two pounds in the first day! Tomorrow, I'll fill you in on day two's experiences.

As always, any questions or comments leave me a message below. Love, K.

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