Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Blog didn't graduate High School

I know it seems somewhat disjointed. Calories now journalism? Posh! Well, I am in transition as a writer. It seems talking about starving myself got boring, and made people feel like I was trying to die. So now I'm talking about my life.

I always thought my family should have its own reality tv show, or a sitcom even. We're our own brand of weird, hilariousity. (Is that even a word?)

My little sister is currently a bookworm. But since she is five years younger than me, she is part of this let's-read-our-books-on-tablets generation. She has several apps that let her read books that aren't published yet. Sometimes she read them to me, or shows me chapters. Most of them are gramatically flawed, or stray off topic.

When I was younger, I read almost as much as I breathed. Now, I'm lucky to read my emails everyday. The last standardized test I took opened my eyes to how much reading comprehension is like a muscle. Mine has not seen the gym in some time now.

In reality, I'm just writing this post to avoid studying for my Econ test. But alas, I should probably study... or sleep. Sleep sounds good.

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